Thursday, October 15, 2009

VINTAGE 1960s 1970s MOD BOHO HIPPIE Rust Tall BOOTS from

Length (from toe to heel): 9 1/2"
Width (ball of foot at widest part): 3 1/4"
Heel Height: 2 1/4"
Height of Boot (from bottom of heel to top of boot): 17 1/4"
Measurement Around Top of Boot: 14" (The elastic panels will allow for up to 1 1/2" extra stretch/wiggle room)

1-Why did you choose to sell on Etsy/ and do you sell anywhere else?

I came across Etsy by accident, actually. I was looking for a vintage dress to purchase, and was directed to the website. I began looking around and discovered what a wonderful community Etsy is, and what unique and fabulous things the sellers on Esty have to offer. And what unique and fabulous talents each seller in each store has here! That is something you can't come across very easily on eBay. I had so many vintage and handmade items of my own I was trying to find homes for, and had been trying to sell them on eBay without much luck. Once I discovered Etsy, a whole new world opened up to me, where I could actually have my own shop and I knew I would be selling to a whole different crowd of people - people who I knew would care a lot more about the items I was selling than those I found on eBay.

2- What is your fave thing to buy on Etsy (whether it be supplies or gifts etc.)

I LOVE custom designed clothing, especially vintage inspired designs. I have a particular interest in 1930s style clothing, and have been working to add this style of clothing to my wardrobe through custom made things. I love just about anything vintage, and to be able to have someone recreate that look for me I think is amazing.

3-What is your current fave product under 20$?

I love the "
baseball hat alternative" that I have listed for $13. It's a brown wool hat that can be worn in so many different way, but I love that it looks like a baseball cap, yet is so feminine. It is so perfect for the diva who wants to wear a baseball hat, but doesn't want to look like "one of the guys." AND I love that it is a handmade piece and was custom designed. It is such a gorgeous fall color, and matches just about anything.

4- Any advice for new sellers?

I think the best advice I can give is to just be you, and let your individuality really shine through. Don't be afraid to try anything! The folks here on Etsy I have found are very friendly and helpful, and we are all very open to new sellers and new stores. There is really no limit to what you can do here with your creativity....

5-And a favorite quote?

I can't remember the exact quote, but here is my version of it:
It is always best to have lived your life to the fullest and take chances, rather than easing through life, all the while wondering what you accomplished.

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