Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stained glass STAR shades of blue and white 5 pointed with hanger from

Six inches by seven inches with a twisty hanger. One-of-a-kind, cut free hand, made from high quality stained glass pieces. 
Price: 9.00

1. Why did you choose to sell on Etsy/ and do you sell anywhere else
My daughter first showed me Etsy and I loved looking at all of the awesome creations. I am a teacher and after years of teaching I have a perfect position teaching 3D Art. I teach Clay and Sculpture as well as Jewelry and Fiber. I am always looking at ideas or examples to use in my classes. I always say to myself " I wished I knew how they did that!" or "I wished I could have them do a demo for my classes". I try to demonstrate and hope to find more ways to use recyclable items in my student's creations.
I have sold my items in a small consignment shop in the area, but they recently closed so Etsy is my only outlet right now.
I have another Etsy shop that I sell destash and vintage things. The shop's name is: whydjabuythat.

2. What is your fave thing to buy on Etsy (whether it be supplies or gifts etc.)I 
I like to buy things that I wouldn't normally find in my area. I have bought some jewelry and also some things to use in my glass creations. I flutter around all of the tags and Pounce on newly sold items almost every evening. Part of the Etsy experience is being part of a whole.

3. What is your current fave product under 20$? 
My current favorite is the jewelry in creationsbycarleen site. I love the cluster pendants. She has done some custom jewelry for me using high fired ceramic beads that I made and sent to her.

4. Any advice for new sellers? 
Take your pictures in natural light.
List a few items everyday or every other day. 
Don't be disappointed if you don't sell right away. People are always looking and you might have just the perfect creation for them.
Postage is a hard thing for me to figure out. I ordered free flat rate boxes from the Post Office and that way I have boxes on hand.
I would also say that a little bubble wrap is helpful, but A LOT of bubble wrap is much better for breakable items. Try to mail as soon as you get payment. We all want to see what we bought. I always purchase delivery confirmation so that I can track delivery, it seems to be worth the extra postage for buyers.

5. And a favorite quote? 
I used to teach English so I have lots, but I think the Golden Rule has had the most impact on my life.

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