Monday, May 18, 2009

Any 2 Jams or Jellies from

Choose from any two jars of our handcrafted, straight from our kitchen jams or jellies.
Price: 12.00

1-Why did you choose to sell on Etsy/ and do you sell anywhere else?
 I chose to sell on etsy AFTER I made a few purchases and did some browsing and thought that a few of my products would be a good addition (My jams) Things kinda snowballed from there. I also sell at as well as to a few brick and mortar stores.

2- What is your fave thing to buy on Etsy (whether it be supplies or gifts etc.)
I love shopping for things for other people. I find it so easy to see things here and think to myself "So and so would love that"

3-What is your current fave product under 20$? 
If its something I sell, my favorite is my Heel n Hand Cream. If its something from someone elses store, I have had my eye on a few things from dgordon shop :)

4- Any advice for new sellers? 
Rome wasnt built in a day, neither is your Etsy shop/presence. Sadly, we are not all going to get rich quick so you must keep at it. Eventually things will come around!

5-And a favorite quote? 
Um.....Love your enemies - just in case your friends turn out to be a bunch of bastards. R.A. Dickson

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  1. Mmm the jam looks yummy! And love your quote!



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