Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Daisy Blues from

6x6 inch oil painting on wood
1/2 inch thick with edges painted black

Price: 20.00

1- Why did you choose to sell on Etsy/ and do you sell anywhere else?

I choose to sell on etsy because it is a great site for shopping and selling...wonderful way to buy handmade, artistic and unique items..and also a great way to connect with fellow artists.

2- What is your fave thing to buy on Etsy (whether it be supplies or gifts etc.)

I love buy gifts on find unusual and special items everyday.

3- What is your current fave product(not in your store) under 20$?

Scrabble tile stuff.

4- Any advice for new sellers?

Don't be afraid.

5- And a favorite quote?

"Everything you can imagine is real"  -Picasso

1 comment:

  1. Rock on sister! beautiful work as ever. congrats on being featured. may your paintings sell like hotcakes :)



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