Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Recessionista Tip #2

Category: Prescription Drugs

In times like these we all know how important it is to shop smart. From guilty pleasures to must haves. Medical Insurance, Medicaid, and perscritpion drug costs are hot button issues. And for good reason when you need a daily medication theres no room for extra high costs. Which is why price comparing pharmacys is so important, don't assume 1 drug will cost pretty much the same everywhere. Sometimes the difference is minimal but other times there can be a drastic gap.

I know what your thinking I don't really have time to call around to all the pharmacys in my area, well then keep reading. http://www.pharmacychecker.com will find the best drug prices from verified online pharmacys for you! pharmacychecker.com will provide you with ratings and profiles to verified online pharacys in the US, Canada, and many foreign countrys for FREE. So don't delay!

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