Sunday, April 26, 2009

Country Club Vintage 60s Plus Size Tennis Skort Dress from

Hidden metal back zip. Size 20, Dacron Cotton blend. Excellent condition, appears to have never been worn. Pleated Skort. Bust 42-Waist 38-Hips 48.  This dress is 19.99 and is featured at

1.     Why did you choose to sell on Etsy/ and do you sell anywhere else?

I choose to sell on Etsy because a friend told me about it. She was a seller and I checked it out and LOVED it. 

2. What is your fave thing to buy on Etsy (whether it be supplies or gifts etc.)

I guess I can't really narrow my favorite thing to buy down too easily. I love buying from fellow vintage sellers, as well as accessories and jewelry. But I love it all.

3. What is your current fave product(not in your store) under 20$?

Currently I am loving this shop and these earrings under 20.00 This shop has a great cause too! From for 18.00

4. Any advice for new sellers?

My advice for new sellers would be to be very diligent, work your shop as hard as you are able, have fun and make sure you are doing what you love. Don't get too frustrated if things are slow for a bit, It will get better and there seems to be patterns of things slowing down and picking up for everyone. 

5. And a favorite quote? 

"You are not your circumstances, you are your possibilities" Stedman Graham 


  1. That's a great quote ! Also think you have a wonderful idea of featuring etsy sellers and an item under $20...especially in this day and age when most of us are squeezing as much out of a dollar as we can. :) - Anna

  2. Thanks for your kind words Anna! I agree about the quote and a/b squeezing my dollars til they scream!

    -R. Quick



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