Monday, July 20, 2009

Car Visor Caddy in Multi Color Fun from

Made from a funky retro-flower fabric, this caddy will help you keep your car organized and neat. And talk about flair! Your car will eminate "cool" , especially when you add the other items in this collection to your car.
This visor caddy is 11" x 5" and is held in place by two elastic straps that fit over the back of your visor. It has a large pocket for your sunglasses, tissues, whatever, and five CD slots!
Price: 14.00

1-Why did you choose to sell on Etsy/ and do you sell anywhere else?
I chose to sell on Etsy because it's free to sign up, easy to figure out, it's an awesome way to connect with other people who love to be creative and make things, and there's lots of support.

2- What is your fave thing to buy on Etsy (whether it be supplies or gifts etc.)
I can't say that I have a true fave--it changes from day to day! I shop on Etsy for supplies, gifts, even make-up!

3-What is your current fave product under 20$?
My current fave product under $20 is mineral make-up-it's awesome!

4- Any advice for new sellers?
My advice to new sellers is: whenever you have a question or problem, just go to the forum--there are always tons of fellow Etsiers who will be there to help you. I've learned so much by listening to others experiences and advice.

5-And a favorite quote?
Favorite quote: "If at first you don't fricassee, fry, fry a hen." SIKE!
I guess it's "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again!"


  1. What an original idea. Super cute!

  2. Love those!! Great colors and nice post.

    I love detachable shower heads. They are great in the bath, or for just rinsing your hair!

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    Tomorrow is the last day, so enter now!

    Happy blogging, friend!

    The Musical Kitten



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