Monday, June 22, 2009

Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

I can't...
stand people who park in the fire lanes.
go to concerts. (I hate crowds)
Go near any pool drain.
pretend to like cats.
control myself at any thrift store.
keep my apartment clean for more than a day.
hide the fact I love the CW network.
drink any kind of beer.

I can...
actually cook pretty well.
make decisions pretty easily.
be a really good listener.
be honest with you when you need it.
watch boxsets all day w/my husband.
read really really fast.
tell you where to get what your looking for cheaper.
not want to go back to school.

I won't...
be so lazy.
be so negative about the future.
be scared to try new things.
spend my whole paycheck in a week.
take everything so personally.
take uppity peoples crap any more.
make excuses for not wanting to have children.
be anyone but myself.

I will...
try to give old people more credit instead of mercilessly mocking them.
try and learn how to drive on the highway.
conquer/control my fear of flying.
try and save more money.
take my dog for more walks.
realize I cannot control everything all the time.
actually exercise at some point.
live my life and stop making excuses.

I shouldn't...
eat after 10 but I do.
stay up so late.
shop as much as I do.
blame other people for my stuff.
make promises I can't keep.
be afraid to fail when I try something new.
put all my eggs in one basket.
half live.

I should...
travel more.
enjoy my 20's.
not be scared to try new things.
save money for an emergency.
think about the future more.
enjoy my new husband.
spend time w/my grandmother while I still have her.
have a ball learning as I go!



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